Fisheye Player

Fisheye Player 1.0

Create and publish various types of panoramas on the PC
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I MAY Software

Create 360-degree panoramic images without any stitching, view them and publish them to Web Pages. The tool supports various types of panoramic images such as cylindrical, spherical, PAL35/PAL53, mirror or Fisheye lens. Additional features include the ability to generate AVI files.

Fisheye Player create 360 degree Panorama,Use single shot Fish eye image. With Web/Windows Published generates Java Applet and Executable File. No Stitching needed.
System Character :
(1) Multiple Panoramic image supported : Fisheye,Cylindrical,spherical,PAL35/PAL53,Panoramic Mirror.
(2) One Shot Panoramic.
(3) Create Windows Application and WEB Page(Java applet).
Version 2.01 add Video Function, Create Panoramic AVI File.

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